Grain & Co. Services

Grain and Co Property Consultants
Grain & Co Services include:

Advice on sale of residential & commercial development land under option.

  • Specialising in all aspects of land management which very few of the larger land agents do, as it happens so rarely.
  • Grain & Co. have looked after a number of landowners who have had options taken out on their land by developers and subsequently been disappointed by the developer's best offer for the land when the planning consent is given and the option is triggered.
  • A dedicated team for handling the specialist areas of this complex system of land purchase.
  • Only representing landowners and do not working for developers. Most agents do both.
  • Proven record representing two landowners on the largest new development in the UK and won the additional monies, at arbitration, over and above the developer’s best offer.
  • Grain & Co. will supply references from landowners but only if a NDA is signed by the prospective client.
  • Grain & Co. have considerable experience in the Social Housing sector of residential development. Where despite the current misconception, there is still money to be made for the landowner.
  • Working on a no win, no fee basis, after an initial assessment has been made.

Sourcing sites for specific uses.

  • Grain & Co. have many years of experience in this field and have undertaken projects for Shell, Komatsu, Dean & Bowes and many more.
  • Specialist knowledge on planning issues and will advise clients' on getting the most comprehensive consents enabling clients' to have multi uses, that may be of use in the future and enhance the value of the property.
  • Grain & Co. advise on best ways to achieve the greatest Return On Investments, (ROIs), and have considerable experience on construction methods and costings.
  • Considerable experience in the Social Housing sector of residential development. Where despite current thinking there is still money to be made for the landowners.

Saving projects & start-up businesses.

  • Grain & Co. have the resources and expertise to resurrect old projects that have died through lack of management and/or finance.
  • Introduction of investors that may be able to help.
  • Grain & Co. will set up and assist in the running of new management systems and financial control mechanisms.
  • Offering experience in business management in many ex-Soviet satellite states and have worked in Romania, Hungary and Ukraine on land development projects and agricultural businesses. Values ranging between €150,000.00 to €180 million.
  • Grain & Co. guarantee not to accept any instructions where we feel there is no possibility of us adding value.


What They Say...

I owned a 5 acre site in North Hertfordshire with option on it from a developer. My normal agent (an international land agent) had no idea what to do and it looked like we were going to let the developer purchase it at their offer price. I employed Grain & Co and we ended up settling at 150% higher than the developers original offer and at a cost of 15% of the additional monies paid by the developer.
A Satisfied Landowner Client