Who We Are

Grain and Co Property ConsultantsGrain and Co. is one of the UK's leading independent property consultancy businesses. Grain & Co. provides a full range of services across Commercial and Rural sectors, combining a deep understanding of the strategic objectives of clients with the resources to deliver them.

Grain & Co.'s success is built around a business culture where clients' interests come first. Having previously been involved in the development of both residential & commercial land.

In the specialist area of options that developers hold on land, Grain & Co', have built up close working relationships with a number of specialist professional practices, that are required to provide the specialist advice. It is also worth noting, we act solely on behalf of our landowners and never for developers, unlike all other agents, who work for both.

We have a culture built around quality and experience. Grain & Co. are extremely proud of the relationships they have with clients and the partnerships  formed with the other specialist professional practices.

Grain & Co. are defined by the client and the project, ensuring they deliver beyond expectations and guarantee not to undertake any project where they feel there is no possibility of adding value.

We have a full range of services in areas such as;

  • Advice on the sale of development land.
  • Sourcing sites for specific uses.
  • Saving failing projects.
  • Assistance with start-up businesses.

To dicsuss you requirements for land and property investment or development requirements, contact us 01954 267493  or email enquiries@grainandco.com



What They Say...

I owned a 5 acre site in North Hertfordshire with option on it from a developer. My normal agent (an international land agent) had no idea what to do and it looked like we were going to let the developer purchase it at their offer price. I employed Grain & Co and we ended up settling at 150% higher than the developers original offer and at a cost of 15% of the additional monies paid by the developer.
A Satisfied Landowner Client